Long dresses

Simple, yet effective. Long dresses make your outfit look elevated without a lot of effort. Who does not like that? If you are looking for stunning long dresses that hit the floor and turn heads, look no further. On this page you will find our beautiful long dresses in striking designs.

A long dress for any occasion

If you find yourself having nothing to wear, a long maxi dress is the perfect essential for you. Long dresses work for every occasion whether it is for a put together everyday outfit or an elegant look for a special occasion. At MUNTHE we have beautiful long dresses that will make you look amazing for any event you may have planned.

How should you style your long dress?

It may be necessary to dress up or down your long dress depending on where you are going. It is easy to dress it down with a cardigan or flats if you are going for a more casual outfit, but you can also pair it with high heels and decorative jewelry to dress it up if you are going for a more elegant look.

Look through our assortment of long dresses and find your dream dress.