Long jackets

No outfit is complete without considering your outerwear. You need to stay warm, so it is essential that you wear a jacket, but it does not hurt if the jacket is cute.

Long jackets are not only stylish, they are also functional because it helps protect your look from the elements if it were to rain for example. At MUNTHE we have a lovely collection of long jackets that will compliment your outfits beautifully.

Styling your long jacket

Depending on the look you are going after, there are a lot of ways you can style your long jacket.

For example, you can go for contrast in your look by complimenting your outfit with a jacket that is quite different in color or in texture. An example of this could be pairing a flowy dress with a structured jacket to create a striking look. 

You can also pick a long jacket that matches with your outfit underneath to create a chic and minimalist vibe. To push the minimalist look even further, you can go for neutral shades such as black or beige.

Find long jackets at MUNTHE

On this page you will find long jackets for every look you may have in mind, so you can be stylish and cozy at the same time. Look through our edit of long jackets and find the right one for you.