Pre Spring 2022

This Pre Spring 2022 collection explores themes in Danish history, including the traditional Danish frescoes and the Danish national costumes, combined with Naja’s interest in the faience style as depicted in the designs and prints - and exposing a touch of MUNTHE’s love for the 50's vibes.

The Danish church frescoes are an art treasure that are unique in the world. These frescoes represent an expression of a new and wider spirit in Denmark and the murals should be looked at not just as art, not just as history, but as illustrations of a well-loved and well-known story.

In this season, a variety of shirts and tops in all-over prints, with motifs from the beautiful frescoes, are the perfect day-partner for the blue denim jeans - and after dark, they contrast excellently with the gorgeous red lamb-leather skirt.

The fashion trends of the 1950’s are perhaps the most feminine and sophisticated for all women to wear. The Peter Pan collars; this dainty detail on shirts, blouses and dresses has really come back in this collection. In so many old photos from this decade, this collar was very common. So, it comes as no surprise that we will be welcoming the 50’s details back for this new season.


Pre Spring 2022

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