Printed dresses

Make a statement with a printed dress and let the bold prints do the talking. Prints and patterns breathe life into yours look and make them more visually interesting and striking. They are also a fun way to express yourself, so do not be afraid to get creative, experiment, and combine different patterns that may clash according to traditional fashion rules. Rules are made to be broken, and this is especially the case in fashion, so do not hold yourself back.

We have gathered our printed dresses in this edit, so you can discover fun and unique designs you can add to your wardrobe.

A wide variety of patterns - from geometric to floral printed dresses

Do you have an affinity for certain patterns? At MUNTHE there is something for everybody, so on this page you will find different prints for every taste whether you are going for a delicate and feminine touch or a fun and funky feel.

We also have printed dresses in different styles and lengths, so there is a printed dress for any occasion you may have planned. Check out our selection of printed dresses and find your favorites.