The starting point of the Spring Summer 2023 collection is the Suprematism movement and the color-work of Kazimir Malevich.

Around 1913, strongly influenced by avant-garde, a new art movement took place: Suprematism. It is paintings, which do not have a particular motive, instead it is a composition of abstract colorful arrangements. 

Emerald green, cornflower, powder blue, mushroom grey, and pure white added with a drop of vibrant orange and caramel shows that the choice of the color-palette is clearly a major milestone in this process.

Inspired by the drenched, wildflower laden fields of Scandinavia and recreated in prints, this is for all the flower-loving souls. And somehow, these styles, featuring forest-strawberry-plants and tiny green leaves on a light background, manage to be both adoring and edgy at the same time.

This Spring Summer 23 collection is also devoted to stripes, as a staple mainstay. A preferred print with a decade-long story as a substitute for “classic”. Breton, nautical or pinstripes – there is a variation for everyone.

Art is at the core of MUNTHE, and collaborations with female artists, is a recurrence each season (read more here MUNTHE ART MONDAY). For the Spring Summer 2023 collection, MUNTHE has teamed up with British artist Rosa Roberts. The London based artist has hand made a special art print, that is used for a selection of exclusive silk styles. The dark green, the clear blue and the crisp white colors of Roberts art, plays well with the collection in its whole. Se the styles here: ROSA ROBERTS

We interpret sustainability holistically and believe that we are on a never-ending journey where we constantly need to explore and evaluate how to best invest in progress. We constantly need to take an honest look at all aspects of our production from choosing the best low-impact material to creating the best working conditions for our suppliers and employees. At MUNTHE, we have a goal that 50 % of every collection measured across styles consists of either low-impact material or recycled materials. Almost 61% of the styles in this SS23 collection are made from sustainable materials.