This Spring Summer 22 collection we have designed around the theme of “beloved keepers” based on the inspiration from the styles that we ourselves want to wear – our favorites. These are styles we will continue to reach for in our wardrobes. Classics we will always return to. And classics certainly do not have to be boring – just the opposite. With a detail level that makes them unique and eye-catching, the combination possibilities are endless.

Wildflowers, the amazing beauties of our natural world, are printed on several styles in the collection. And the playful floral shades create a both sophisticated and versatile element in any outfit.

Denim, one of the most reliable materials in our wardrobe, is a key element in the collection, and it can be combined with almost any other style and fabric – or styled together for an effortless outfit that can be toned both up and down for the occasion.

70s details, anchored in feminine dresses, flared jeans and large collars, which together creates a sexy, yet modest look all at once. These are styles that doesn’t have to try hard. They are just enough as they are and do not need external elements to complete a look.

Fringes, that appear as a playful aspect to the collection. We take fringes to a new level and incorporate them as an unexpected element to different styles. They add movement and fun and make any look a bit more festive.

By combining the stunning details in new, unexpected ways, we can keep them alive and ensure that they remain relevant to us and can be used on rotation, season after season – as true wardrobe favorites.