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Please introduce yourself and tell us about what you do.

I’m a London based artist working between sculpture, installation, and drawing. I often use my practice to explore my mixed British and Chinese-Singaporean heritage, looking in particular at the way that the relationship between these cultures has been represented historically through furniture design, objects and architecture. I became intrigued by the 18th-century design trend, Chinoiserie. A trend through which elements of Chinese design and culture were recreated and imitated in relation to European aesthetics and tastes. In my own work, I attempt to reclaim and re-imagine this practice in a more conscientious way. My sculptures often draw inspiration from specific cultural styles or processes. Both ornamental and functional designs are blended in my larger and smaller scale works.

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Hannah is wearing Malaysia dress.


Can you name some other female (artist) that inspires you and explain why they do so?

Tai Shani - Tai’s work is both visually and contextually impactful. Her work spans, painting, sculpture, installation, and performance - I think it’s great when artists aren’t fixed to a particular medium or material. I love the way that Tai weaves forgotten histories, folklore, mythology, and stories into her work. Zadie Xa - I’ve recently been really interested in Zadie Xa’s work, particularly the references to Korean mythology that are reflected in her beautiful paintings, textile works and sculptures.

Illuminated Dragon, 2023 compressed.jpg__PID:c669342e-66ce-4db4-980e-0b78e6669f44

What has been the most challenging aspect of being a woman in the arts?

As an artist that works primarily with sculpture, I think the initial process of getting into sculpture as a woman can feel challenging. I think many women can find it difficult to enter wood and metal workshops that are often quite male dominated, it can be intimidating to ask questions and get involved however I think once this initial fear is overcome, working with sculptural materials and processes can be one of the most exciting and empowering ways to create art.

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Could you explain more about how being a woman has affected your career?

I think my identity as a British-Singaporean woman is integral to the work I do. Whilst different aspects of my work have been defined and shaped by my research into Chinese mythology or Chinoiserie, the motivation for most of this work and research is inspired by my experiences as a woman of mixed cultural heritage.


Hannah is wearing Micronesia knit.

Install Shot Edinburgh Printmakers, 2022 compressed.jpg__PID:ceddb498-0e0b-48e6-a69f-443f9fb5da18IMG_5416.jpg__PID:66ceddb4-980e-4b78-a666-9f443f9fb5da

What would you like people to notice in your artwork?

I want people to be excited and intrigued by my work. Being intrigued encourages people to really investigate and read into the cultural histories and stories that define my practice.

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Hannah is wearing Malaysia dress.