Lusaka Dress

For those chilly summer nights, this style is not only a smart choice, but they’re also incredibly spicy and alluring. This dress is truly an unassuming summer - and fall-closet hero. It stays crisp even if you’re wilting in the heat and can be suitably layered up once the temperature drops. This style is a genius one-and-done piece and most important; in 100% organic cotton

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During these times of disruption in the fashion business, many fashion brands are looking at what the future has in store for them, where we should focus and what to commit to.
In our fast and ever-changing world, disruption is all around us in many forms. Our environmental world faces challenges which can only be addressed by massive changes, our social and cultural identity is driven by new technologies and our personal relationships are shaped by the digital. Where will all of this lead us?

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