The word "muse" comes from Greek mythology and refers to goddesses of inspiration or a person who continually inspires an artist. 

Like so many others, MUNTHE have adopted a bit from the wise, ancient Greeks.

We love to see how women of all ages and sizes show that a specific style can be interpreted in numerous ways and express something completely different depending on who wears it and how it is worn. And we love to see how the individual personality, mood and personal touch are embedded in our clothes.

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At MUNTHE, we find it interesting - and important - to help put focus on female narratives in art. Both to highlight some of all these talented women, but also to draw attention to the gender imbalance that unfortunately still exists in this industry. Each Monday we therefore bring you an interview with a female artist.

In this week’s edition, we meet Swedish visual artist Camilla Engström. You can read Camilla's thoughts on being a female artist, her inspiration and role models – and see a few of her pieces here.

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