The Simple Studio

In March 2021, we are launching something new, that we know you will love.

Our new collection is soon ready to roll out; The Simple Studio. A collection so calm you might never want to take it off. Made with high quality 100% organic cotton, this collection is made for comfort and softness.

To give you an idea and an inside look at the assortment these 3 styles are already available

There’s nothing better for creating balanced harmony like the scent of fresh bedding, a glass of clear cold water - or the pleasant smell after rainy weather.

Channeling styles with sumptuous fabrics and clean lines, The Simple Studio makes you yearn for the simple life.
Starting with the piece itself and its relevance in the wardrobe it can be styled in different ways. Styles, that can be worn again and again. A curated collection with perfected silhouettes and colorways; Different shades of beige with accents of crisp black, blue, yellow, pink and white, timeless items in high-quality and the majority in sustainable fabrics.


“In my life, I always go back to the most simple, authentic and truthful things; Love, friendships and peacefulness. Everything that makes me feel at ease. Finding the right balance, going back to basics, both in life and with the things that I surround myself with. Similarly how I decide what to wear in the morning. Keep it simple” – Naja Munthe.

The Simple Studio’s clean lines, natural palette, distinct shapes and efficient styling define each piece. Effortless combined with comfort.