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While journeying the world and uncovering opulent salons, one cannot help but stumble upon a lavish tapestry of artistry, where motifs inspired by the beauty of nature, both flora and fauna, create a sumptuous ambiance. It is within these resplendent settings that the Pre Fall 2024 collection finds its muse, infusing this timeless art form with a contemporary twist.

The collection weaves intricate prints onto exquisite silk dresses, reminiscent of clear blue skies and suits adorned with subtle rose patterns meticulously embroidered tone-in-tone. Lemon yellow dresses come to life with captivating sequin blossoms, while animal free leather styles are crafted with laser precision, revealing intricate prints that astound with their meticulous detailing. Selected items are graced with delicate crystal bees, adding an extra layer of luxury, and for the very first time, the MUNTHE logo glimmers in gold upon the dazzling new sandals.

Each piece in this collection is a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry that lies at the heart of MUNTHE, bringing forth not only a sense of opulence but also a profound connection to the natural world and its timeless beauty.

As always, we upheld our commitment to more sustainable practices with 53% of the collection being created from more responsible materials including organic cotton, EcoVero viscose and recycled polyester.