At MUNTHE, we have chosen to prioritize sustainability as a fundamental part of our business. To achieve this goal, we have developed values around how we work with our production, packaging, and the delivery of our products. We view it as crucial to keep track of and be familiar with the entire supply chain, from the very first sample to the finished style, and to ensure that our products are always produced in the most ethical and environmentally friendly ways.
MUNTHE always build our collections with styles that you could wear all year round – season after season. Clothes, that can be used now and used secondhand down the road. We want to make sure that all our clothes find a home and we try to sell as much as possible through our stores and sellers. We make every effort to minimize waste, from start to finish and we only produce to order. If there are remaining items, they are never thrown away.
At MUNTHE MARKET you will therefore find nearly fresh styles alongside older styles, shop the previous collections at reduced prices - and save up to 60%.
If you also use MUNTHE’s effective size guide and wash with care (hang it outside to be aired, hand wash, or machine wash at max 30° C.) you help us act more environmentally friendly.