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Name: Dorthe Høck
Sculptor and Muralist
Instagram: @dorthe_hoeck_studio

Introduce yourself and tell what it is you do

My name is Dorthe and I live in the northern part of Sjælland in Denmark, where I also have my studio, in an old, former hospital from 1837.

My introduction to Art goes way back to when I lived in California in an old Victorian house together with performing Artist and Art educator of Art Studio Courses at UC Davis, Terry Olsson. Terry enrolled me in her “Master Class” and when moving back to Denmark, I started performing figurative murals, whereas today it is mostly sculpting (however, I also still make Murals occasionally).

My works are nonfigurative abstract, organic and tactile. When I create my works, it all has to come together with aesthetics, music, light and energy, where time stand still and the only thing there is, is me, the lyrics in Music and my creating hands in aesthetic surroundings.

I seldom have an upfront vision to what expression I want my work to hold. The form evolves during the modelling process. I work with light and shadow effects and tactile surfaces, of pigmented crushed marble and sieved sand, from the local beach. The expression changes depending on the angle from which the viewer observes. My sculptures hold calmness, but also movements. Several of the smaller ones can be turned around, upside down and placed in different ways, it allows for several expressions in one and lines can be followed with the eye and linked together.

Can you explain, how being a female, have impacted your career.

Personally, I haven´t met any obstacles due to the fact of being female.

I´ve been raised to know my own worth and to “have a voice”, other than that, I guess my approach to life in general is, that anything is possible, until proven not.

In addition to my Art, I hold a diploma in NLP, a background within Entomology and a strong background within Sales, Marketing and Negotiation from global Companies, with Women in leadership at focus. 

Which other female artist inspires you and why.

There are many amazing female artists, but if I have to point one out, it must be Terry Olsson, my tutor, feminist and activist artist. Her rebellious confidence is reflected in her Art, which counts Sculpturing, drawing and painting, very inspiring.

Besides Terry, I can mention Hilma af Klint, Louise Bourgeois, Barbara Hepworth, Sonja Ferlov Mancoba, Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen and “Gertrude Stein”.

What have been the biggest challenge being a female artist.

It will definitely be the time I decided to become a full-time artist, with 2 small babies. It was a very tough time, as my husband at the time also started his own business. There were critical opinions from people, as to why “I, as a woman” could not wait until my husband's business was well established, but we supported each other in our dreams and choices, so the outside world could have as many opinions as they wanted. That being said, it was also a time of worries and bad conscience as a mother, wife, girlfriend, etc.

What do you like people to observe in your Art

These are great emotions and sensuousness I channel into my works, so I hope people experience a sensory feeling. I often experience people getting touched by it, this tells me that they can see the vulnerability and understand my work process.

In addition, I would like to have the diversity of my art noticed. All my works are very different but all have my footprint.

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Dorthe Høck exhibits at Galleri Juul d. 14. - 18. april 2022.