Please introduce yourself and tell us about what you do.

My name is Molly Marina, and I am Denmark’s first socio-artist. I combine my social expertise with the magic of photography to create narratives through portraits. Human nature is fascinating, especially its dark side. I often work with visual messages, but always with the individual in focus – through portraits. My latest socio-artistic photo project is called “100 portraits of Copenhagen’s power women” and was exhibited at the City Hall Square in Copenhagen. In 2024, I will continue my socio-artistic exploration of the concept of power in Copenhagen, as well as in Aarhus and Odense.


Can you name some other female (artist) that inspires you and explain why they do so?

I’m quite fascinated by Marina Abramovic and her entire world of performance art. It takes a lot of courage to go against the grain, to do precisely the opposite of what is usually expected of a woman or a responsible citizen. I can’t help but wonder how it must have felt for her to undress in front of a large audience of complete strangers, especially back in 70s Serbia! Bold and utterly unreserved. She’s a woman with a power mindset, deserving a gold medal!

Could you explain more about how being a woman has affected your career?

Being a woman in the artistic field, in my opinion, has opened some doors that might otherwise have been closed. As a female artist, you can allow yourself a little more freedom.


What has been the most challenging aspect of being a female artist?

As strange as it may sound, it hasn’t been easy for my female acquaintances to accept me as a full-time artist. For my male acquaintances it hasn’t been an issue at all. Perhaps because women have a bigger need for stability, making it harder to accept change? Or maybe because men have a feeling that women are irrational and, therefore, more naturally creative? Who knows?


What would you like people to notice in your artwork?

As Denmark’s first socio-artist, I would like people to grasp my socio-messages. I want to trigger thoughts, whether it’s about power, redefining everyday concepts, addressing stereotypes, or creating entirely new concepts… read between the lines and explore your shadow!

Molly is wearing Goldilock knit, Expence skirt and Evaline bag.