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We just launched our new Pre Spring 24 collection. With deep connections to the art, both in the form of another artist collaboration and the use of Naja Munthe’s own paintings, this collection gives new energy to the winter and pre spring seasons. Let us take you through the inspiration behind this captivating collection.

The art of curating art is all about the match, to get pieces to connect and interact together to add up to something larger. Naja has used ink, wax colors and oils drawing her composition. This creates an unpredictable and interesting combination of colors and texture as they react with each other. The mix can be both interesting and give surprising results. Elements from the paintings, has formed the groundwork for the more abstract floral motifs, that can be seen in prints and embroideries.

In general art is fundamental to MUNTHE, and collaborations with female artists, is a reoccurrence each season. This Pre Spring 2024 collection incorporates artworks from the New Zealand-based artist, Meg Gallagher. Gallagher has hand made a special art print, that is used for a selection of exclusive silk styles. The abstract, curving lines and the earthy hues, seems to be in harmony and works visually well with Naja Munthe’s paintings as well with the collection in its whole.

“As most artists know, painting is an exercise in decision making. What materials to use, what colours to mix, how to apply each colour - the list goes on. A single painting can be made up of thousands of small conclusions.

Some decisions are easier than others. And occasionally, the painting chooses everything for itself, and we are just eyewitnesses. At times we may find ourselves hesitating, second-guessing our decisions, or even being paralyzed by it all and putting the brush down.

I think art is all about commitment. The pressure of the permanent line forces me to pay closer attention to the quality and thickness of the line, shapes of the form, scale, and everything else important. It is not about making perfect lines, nor is my painting about making perfect brush strokes. It is more about committing to my choices and continuing, accepting them for what they are”.

 - Naja Munthe

You can find the collection both online and in-store now