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MUNTHE is nominated for ELLE Style Awards 2020 - as Brand of the Year

For the second year in a row, MUNTHE has been nominated for Brand of the Year.

The award is given to: A fashion brand that has commercial success and a plus on the bottom line - which is the clearest indication that customers want to ensure the brand's existence.
The brand must have stood out among others in 2019 with a recognizable universe, eye-catching campaigns, credible ambassadors - as well as a beautiful and continuous selection of products with a clear line back to the brand's design DNA. It is a huge achievement to create a brand that everyone knows -and knows what stands for. Brands in consideration are ones that it has not been possible to avoid encountering; both in the form of the collections, strategy, demand, exposure, etc.
… Source ELLE

"It is a great honor to be nominated in the Brand of the Year category for the ELLE Style Awards. With 26 years in the industry, it has always been one of my goals to avoid becoming uninteresting and instead always be in a dynamic process. MUNTHE is a team of skilled employees who work hard every day to be where we are with the brand - both in relation to the initiatives that have opened up new international markets and at the same time with a focus on consolidating the position that MUNTHE already has.
Throughout the years, the category has contained some of the most distinctive, solid and innovative brands, all of which have made a special effort for Danish fashion, so it is in itself a recognition to be nominated ”- says Naja Munthe.

Due to Covid19 and the assembly ban, the physical edition of the Elle Style Awards 2020 has been canceled, but the prizes are still being awarded. In the December issue of Elle, the winners will be revealed - and we cross our fingers…