Fringes, rhinestones, running horses, ranch tones, leopard print, and a model cast of familiar faces: Welcome to MUNTHE's Fall Winter 2024 show!

This season's show was held at Bella Arena in Copenhagen where there was enough space for the show to unfold with giant screens, elegant lighting, and resonating ranch tones. The four screens were assembled like a large cube, playing enchanting and almost euphoric videos, featuring running horses and landscapes.

n this contemporary, and innovative setup - the model cast made their way in looks that effortlessly matched the visuals on the screens. Timeless pieces like denim and knitwear were adorned with sparkling rhinestones and intricate patterns. The collection also featured fringes in genuine ranch style, leopard print, and high detailed shoes.

This season, MUNTHE collaborated with Art Monday artist Ju Mu, who lives and works in Berlin as a freelance artist. Her art is mainly inspired by shamanism and its connection between humans, nature, and the spiritual world. The collaboration was expressed through colorful pink and black art paintings, which were transformed into graphic silk prints.


At MUNTHE, we always strive to have a model cast with a high degree of diversity, reflecting all shapes and types of women. Therefore, we always combine new, talented models with familiar faces from previous seasons. For example, the eldest Hadid sister, Alana Hadid, graced our catwalk again this season, as did Norwegian Tina Haagensen, who walked MUNTHE's show for the fourth time.

Both remarkable individuals and stylish looks were seen off the catwalk as well. MUNTHE guests were particularly clad in patchwork denim, sparkling beads, and warm vests as they were spotted by talented street-style photographers from all over the world.