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Large sand dunes, lush rice fields and a blooming wildlife. The beautiful landscape surrounding Comporta on the Portuguese Westcoast set the scene for our Fall Winter 24 campaign shoot. You can come along ‘behind the scenes’ on a clear day back in January.

The Fall Winter collection takes inspiration from Naja Munthe’s childhood memories, where she spent a lot of her time with horses. In those formative years, the stables became her sanctuary, and the companionship of horses left an indelible mark on her character. These childhood encounters not only molded her into the person she is today. It is from these recollections that the inspiration for the Fall Winter 2024 collection springs forth, seamlessly blending the essence of ranch life with a contemporary flair.


Therefore, we went to Comporta – a village an hour drive south from Lisbon – where the ranch ‘Cavalos na Areia’ felt like a natural choice as location for the campaign shoot. The campaign was shot by Danish fashion photographer Christian Friis, while videographer Jonas Danholt filmed the campaign videos. Models Magdalena Chachlica and Kathia Nseke were flown in from Poland and France.

The team arrived in Portugal on crisp and clear day in January and checked in to the cozy hotel ‘AlmaLusa’, only a 5-minute drive from our photoshoot location. In January, the village was very quiet, and we could prepare for the shoot in peace.

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On the next day the images were shot in and around ‘Cavalos na Areia’, where the beautiful sand dunes created a lock around the fields, where the horses were running around. They were very curious about what was going on around them, and they became a natural part of the shoot. When it was time for a well-deserved lunch break, we got served a lovely paella with local ingredients. After lunch, we shot the last images in the shadow of the large pine trees.


Our Fall Winter collection can now be found both online and in stores.