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We just launched our new Pre Fall 24 collection.

This time, the collection takes inspiration from the world of tapestry, where motifs inspired by the beauty of nature, both flora and fauna, create a sumptuous ambience. Let Naja Munthe take you through her inspiration for the collection as well as her favourite pieces.

“The Pre-Fall 2024 prints draw inspiration from this timeless artform, offering a contemporary interpretation. Tapestries traditionally feature patterns inspired by nature, and these motifs are prominently featured in the Pre-Fall 2024 collection. Luxuriant trees, delicate flower petals, and intricately detailed tree branches grace the fabrics.

The color palette takes cues from the natural world, incorporating a medley of shades, including various greens, the light blue hues of a clear sky, and the vibrant zest of lemon yellow. These choices seamlessly transition us from the vibrant warmth of summer to the rich, earthy tones of autumn."

 - Naja Munthe


”I have a lot of favorites from this collection so it’s going to be difficult to highlight them, but I’m very keen on this bright yellow colour. I think it’s fantastic and it looks really cool at the same time.”

 “The one that I’m most excited about is the quilted jacket. When you see it, you will learn that you can turn it inside out and you have a completely different colour range on the inside. So, it’s really fantastic.”

 - Naja Munthe


Each piece in this collection is a testament to the craftsmanship and artistry that lies at the heart of MUNTHE, bringing forth not only a sense of opulence but also a profound connection to the natural world and its timeless beauty.


You can find the collection both online on MUNTHE.COM and in-store now.