We are incredibly proud that we once again can donate such a great amount to the ‘Mother’s Aid’ Christmas Help.

The amount has been collected through sales of Naja Munthe’s own private wardrobe in our MUNTHE MARKET store in Aarhus. We believe that all kind acts matter and we truly feel obligated to work and cooperate with individuals and organizations to benefit the national and international communities that we are a part of.

It is also a charity that means a lot to Naja herself:

“To stand in line with my mom and brother to receive food, sweets and a small present for the children has forever changed my perspective in terms of helping others. At that time, my mom also got counselling after her divorce and help to move on. Every year, single mothers are in that same situation, especially around Christmas time. There is a bigger vulnerability for the children, that might not have the same possibilities as their friends. A little goes a long way, and when I think back at my childhood, I feel a huge gratitude towards the people who had the option and energy to help us. Therefore, I’m very proud, that we again this year have collected 42.000 DKK by selling my old clothes meaning that more families can receive help and support this Christmas.”

- Naja Munthe


Due to the great amount collected, a lot of families will get food on the table and presents under the tree on Christmas Eve. Read here what difference it makes for the families:

“Thank you so much for once again supporting the ‘Mother’s Aid’ Christmas Help. Your support through almost 7 years means the world – both for the children, who can look forward to a Christmas Eve with presents and treats, but also to their parents who will get the feeling of being good enough on such a memorable evening. As part of the Christmas Help, we offer counselling to all the parents which means that the help also has a long term meaning for the families. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

- Ninna Thomsen, CEO Mother’s Aid (Mødrehjælpen)

We would like to say a huge thank you for the support!


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