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At MUNTHE, social responsibility is a matter of the heart and a natural part of our work. For founder and creative director, Naja Munthe, it is indispensable to make a difference and give a helping hand where it is needed. For the same reason, Naja has once again donated clothes from her own wardrobe in MUNTHE MARKET, where the total amount has gone uncut to Mother’s Aid and the poorest Danish families with children have had a Christmas almost similar to others.

”It has always been important for me to support and empower females. Every year, I clear out my wardrobe, sell the clothes – and give the proceeds to The Mother’s Aid. This year we have been able to ensure a Christmas Eve with food and gifts for approx. 90 families with 44.480 Danish kroner.” – Naja Munthe

“We are incredibly grateful that Naja Munthe once again support our Christmas Aid by selling clothes from her own wardrobe. Unfortunately, there are still thousands of families with children who need Christmas help. Every penny we collect makes a big difference for the families.” – Nina Thomsen, Director of Mother’s Aid

The contribution to Mother’s Aid is a picture of how MUNTHE as a company is not just about running a business that thrives and is healthy, but also about taking co-responsibility and giving something back when the opportunity arises.

We continue to work to improve and help where we can. It is without a doubt a long journey we are on, where we must constantly keep an eye on the ball and be willing to change. You can follow our initiatives and work with social responsibility and sustainability under the hashtag #MUNTHECONSCIOUSJOURNEY