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MUNTHE X Ella Karberg

MUNTHE is honored to present the Capsule Collection made in collaboration with the cool and stylish influencer Ella Karberg, which will be released on the 17th of September 2020.

This kind of design collaboration is the first time ever seen in MUNTHE history and the pride of choosing Ella is prodigious. Ella’s way of communicating and brand herself is way more “artsy” and unique compared to many other digital influencers. Ella is extremely passionate and selective when it comes to her own photos and what/who she exposes on social media.


“I think something super interesting can happen when you get other creative people or brands to come up with new takes on your design universe. The idea for a collaboration with Ella in particular arose because she is a very immediate and intuitive creative person. From the very beginning Ella has been deeply dedicated to the task and has had a playful and curious approach to the process, which precisely characterizes a talent that is still untried and unspoiled.
I have only guided a bit along the way - but basically it is Ella's ideas and expressions that reflect the whole collection.
Ella is very creative in her foundation - some people just have it in them and she lets herself flow with it. The most important thing in a design process is to be able to let go and be wild and unstructured and impulsive. You can always simplify and rationalise later. It is difficult to do it the other way around ”- says Naja Munthe.

The reason behind the choice of Ella was therefore not a coincidence. Besides the hard work Ella has put into the process of the collection, the chemistry between her and Naja Munthe was very special and flawless - two peas in a pod.

The MUNTHE & ELLA collection express Ella’s colorful world and her and Naja has worked closely together in the creative process of Ella’s own design ideas. “It is a huge honor for me to participate in a design collaboration with a such well-established brand as MUNTHE and to work with a so experienced and skilled designer like Naja. I am so proud of myself to be the first external to get the opportunity to expand my creative ideas and express my personality. This collection is a part of me, my personal style, and my universe. I’m strongly inspired by the 70’s and the colors and prints of the nature. I have designed and sewed my own clothes for as long as I can remember. It feels so crazy and amazing to see a pattern created by cutting a red cabbage and painting, turn into my own collection of clothing” says Ella Karberg.

True to the elegant aesthetic of MUNTHE, Ella Karberg has created a small collection containing 6 styles which cover colorful prints, usable styles and in the most beautiful autumn shades – all made with heart and the personal style of Ella Karberg.