My name is Emine, I’m 22 years old and I am studying a bachelor in business administration and organizational communication at CBS. Currently, I am at my 6th and final semester which implies an internship of three months at a self-chosen company. Luckily, I had the chance to get an internship at MUNTHE in their PR department, whereas the everyday work tasks are versatile including preparing and shipping giftings, constantly being in dialog with influencers and stylists together with preparing press reports, clippings and being a part of MUNTHE’s FW23 fashion show.

This MUNTHE story will introduce you to my top 3 favorite items from our brand-new High Summer collection. Personally, I think it’s a gorgeous, feminine, and elegant collection for spring and summer, therefore it might be hard to only chose three items as my favorites. Generally, I love styles that have multiple combinations and can be worn both at more formal occasions and for my everyday life. Hopefully this can give you a bit of inspiration for your favorite High Summer piece.

Here they are, I hope you’ll enjoy! 

My first favorite will be our “UNDER” silk skirt in the gorgeous yellow color with a white floral print. I think the skirt is the perfect item that can elevate and spice up any summer wardrobe! I would personally style the skirt with a white tank top and a blazer or just a simple knit. For shoes I think the skirt fits both a pair of heels and a pair of cool sneakers.

Also, I love that the skirt is quite long and that it’s made from 100% silk which makes it incredible comfortable to wear all summer long and the following seasons.

Ps. The skirt is also available in white with blue floral print.

My second favorite from the High Summer collection is “UZORO”. This item is the most adorable summer dress in a delicate pink color with cute tiny flowers. My favorite part of this dress is its unique cut-out details on the back and its frill details, which makes it feminine and special. I definitely find that this dress is ideal for all the special occasions during spring and summer. And also, you can never go wrong with a pretty dress!

My last favorite is “URANI” shirt in the most gorgeous sky-blue color. A blue striped shirt like this is an absolute classic for when the days are getting brighter and the weather warmer. This is definitely a must-have item for spring and summer in my opinion. URANI is not like any other shirt, it has three-quarter length sleeves and as a unique detail, the buttons of the shirt are sewn with an M in the middle. That, I think, makes this shirt special and a favorite of mine. I can surely imagine myself wearing the shirt with a pair of jeans or a pair of shorts.

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