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In relation to the article in Eurowoman about founder and designer Naja Munthe and our showroom in Kuglegaarden, we want to invite you inside our dynamic room, which besides being a meeting room and photo studio also functions as a mini art gallery for female artists. Come inside and see how art and functionality meet.

Our head office and showroom are located at Kuglegaarden on Holmen in Copenhagen. The location formerly housed Denmark’s naval base, which was built in 1741 and was designed by architects Phillip de Lange. The showroom and office are in total 800 square meters and offers art as far as the eye can see. In our interior, the historic building has been considered, and original details such as posts and rafters has also been preserved. When you look down our long corridor from the showroom, through the office, you will meet a gigantic wall sculpture at the end of the corridor created by the artist Josefine Winding. On the way there is a ceramic vase by Helen Stigel.

It is important for Naja to put talented female artists in the spotlight and focus on the inequality which exists in the world of art. This is also why she started Art Monday, where we every Monday highlight and focus on a new female artist. Many of these artists are also shown in our showroom in Kuglegaarden, because Naja has invested in many of the Art Monday artists' works. At the entrance to the showroom hangs, among other things, a wall sculpture by the former Art Monday artist Sif Itona Westerberg.

When Naja selects art, it is done with the heart. She does not have a specific artistic style or genre but goes for what touches her. She likes paintings as well as sculptures. However, the chosen art has something in common: It should preferably be created by a woman.

Functionality and dynamics play a big role in the showroom, as it besides being a meeting room and a traditional showroom, also have to be able to be transformed into a location for events for several hundred people, as well as a photo studio when we have to shoot web look images for the various collections - most recently the showroom has also functioned as a yoga studio for the employees at MUNTHE.

The idea behind the showroom was to create a feeling of entering a beautiful art gallery. It was important for Naja to create a relaxing atmosphere, where everything appears beautiful and welcoming, but also useful and accessible. Many pieces of furniture in the Showroom are designed by Naja herself, such as the coffee table in the picture above, as well as the artwork behind it. The sofa is by Mario Bellini and the jar is by the artist Mie Mørkeberg.