Join us as we ask German content creator and freelance model, Jacqueline Zelwis about everything from her style inspirations, to her favorite piece from the MUNTHE Pre Spring 24 collection.

Jacqueline is born and raised in Berlin and has been creating content since 2011. Her simple and clean aesthetic is setting her apart in the otherwise crowded industry of content creating.

How would you describe your own style? Is there something that always gives you confidence when you wear it?

I love everything oversized and comfortable. The bigger, the better. That’s the kind of outfit I feel most comfortable and confident in. Whenever I don’t know what to wear, I opt for an oversized suit, add some accessories and nothing more is needed.


How did you end up in Berlin? What brought you here?

I was actually born and raised in Berlin. Never really felt like leaving, because it’s not only the place where my family as well as my husband’s family lives. It is also a very diverse city that has so much to offer. The only thing I am really missing in Berlin is the ocean and maybe some higher temperatures 😉

What is your favourite spot in Berlin?

My favourite spot is actually my apartment haha. I love our home and its atmosphere. But, of course, I also love to spend time outside of it. In summer, I love going to Schlachtensee, a lake and area close to where I grew up, or Schloss Charlottenburg. I also love sitting in one of the many cafés, some of my favorites are Daluma, Goodies and Zeit für Brot.


How do you see your style in relation to your surroundings? Do they inspire you in some aspect?

My surroundings inspire my style a lot. I always try to stick to my style, but it varies a little bit depending on where I am. In Berlin it’s more edgy, whilst I would add a chicer touch when I am in Paris for example. And whenever I am in Bali, my style is more chill, and I often feel like wearing some more feminine styles and colors when I am on the island.


What is your favourite piece from the current MUNTHE collection?

I really love the whole collection, but if I would have to choose one piece, I would pick the LARCH cargo pants. I am really into this kind of pants right now and the fit of the MUNTHE ones from the Pre Spring 24 collection is so, so good. It’s perfectly loose and can be styled in so many different ways.