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Join us as we delve into the world of style and creativity with Noelia Blas, a talented photographer and the co-founder of BLASS Studio.

Noelia has a timeless and elegant approach to photography, that makes her stand out from the rest. Follow along as we explore her style inspiration, her journey to Paris, and Noelias favorite hidden gems in the city of love.


How would you describe your own style? Is there something that always gives you confidence when you wear it?

My style is always evolving and I guess I like embracing new parts of myself. Overall, I feel like the 90s have always been a huge influence on my personal style. There's something so bold and special about that time from shapes, colors to the general minimalism. I also feel it celebrates natural beauty and the balance between femininity and tomboy, which represents me very well.

It really depends on the time of the year, but a good all black look (especially for a night occasion) always does it for me. Sometimes also a good pair of jeans or a masculine blazer.

What is your favourite spot in Paris?

This is a difficult one given how big it is and the number of choices available. However, for the time being I really like a small quiet square called Samuel Rousseau in the 7th. There's a Swedish café close by and a lovely garden with a church in the middle. I think it's a beautiful spot to read or sketch and there are no tourists around.


How did you end up in Paris? What brought you here?

My sister Penélope and I work together as a creative duo - we're both photographers & creative directors - in our studio BLASS (@viablass). In 2021 we moved to Milan for a few months and completely loved the experience. However, we'd always had Paris in mind, so we tried to make it happen for 2022. We had been to Paris many times but this time we wanted to truly experience it as locals and create a new work environment there. Paris is indeed a very complex place with many layers that go beyond its romanticized image. It's been very inspiring and educating to live in the city under a different light and it's a never-ending experience to really get to know 'her'.


How do you see your style in relation to your surroundings? Do they inspire you in some aspect?

My style inevitably shifts from one place to the other. For instance, Copenhagen and Madrid are way more casual than Paris and Milan. It's fun to play around and let the place you're living at or just visiting influence your style. Copenhagen Fashion Week is always a boost of inspiration for the new coming season and Paris' streets are basically a real-time runway. I get why everybody here really enjoys 'people watching' - sometimes the greatest inspiration comes from anonymous people sitting at a café or reading in a park.


What is your favourite piece from the current MUNTHE collection (Fall Winter 23)?

For a casual college inspired look I really like the EXPRESS grey skirt with the SUSSIMA grey blazer and a pair of loafers with socks. For a dinner date I love the ENERA black knitted dress.