We are delighted and proud to announce that Naja Munthe is one of the creative professionals in the Danish version of Masterclass.

Essentially, Masterclass is an online learning platform for creative professionals and as a “student”, you can learn about writing thrillers, photography, mixing cocktails, filmmaking, acting, singing and the list goes on - all with top creators you would not usually have access to.

Masterclass instructors are celebrities and world-renowned experts in their craft, from filmmakers like Martin Scorsese to actors like Samuel L. Jackson and Helen Mirren.

The Danish version of Masterclass (nationwide television broadcast) covers a range of categories including:

Cooking and culinary arts (Rasmus Kofoed)
Writing (Bjarne Reuter)
Painting (Michael Kvium)
Music (Tim Christensen)
Acting and entertainment (Paprika Steen)
Design and fashion (Naja Munthe)

Watch “Masterlære” on DR1 Tuesday 28 July at 8:30 PM or stream the program at