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MUNTHE's Pre Fall 20 collection, CALIFORNICATION, is heavily inspired by Los Angeles and the truly unique vibe that California owns. Therefore, there was no doubt that the campaign for the collection could only be shot in sunny Southern California - back in September of 2019.

Although we had hooked up with a local team, there was plenty of preparations that had to be done from home. In the United States, permissions are needed for almost anything, so if you want to interview, photograph, record or film in a public space, you must be able to present a written permission at any time.

Many people mistakenly believe that the weather is always good in Los Angeles. That's not entirely true. The city's coastal location on the Pacific Ocean and proximity to the mountains are both major moderating factors - and the day of our shoot, the weather was very changing. Fortunately, our drop dead beautiful model Athena lives in LA and is therefore quite used to the sudden fresh breezes - on top of that it also gave an authentic look to the images.

A lot of what makes Venice Venice is found in the streets a little further away from the beach. Especially the street, Abbot Kinney is a must-see and of course you have to slip past the beautiful Venice Canals. Anyone who has watched the series "CALIFORNICATION" knows why. This is where Hank and Becca go for their walks and have deep conversations. A small neighborhood where the streets are canals and the houses are absurdly enviable. It is a extremely lush and absolutely stunning area. Proof of this you find in the images from this campaign. The clothes, the colors and the location compliment each other so beautifully.